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জীবন যেখানে যেমন আরিফ আজাদ বই রিভিউ

জীবন যেখানে যেমন pdf file free download – jibon jekhane jemon pdf by arif azad

বইয়ের নামঃ জীবন যেখানে যেমন।
লেখকের নামঃ আরিফ আজাদ।
প্রকাশনীঃ সমকালীন প্রকাশন।
মুদ্রিত মূল্যঃ ২৩৭ টাকা
পৃষ্ঠা সংখ্যা: ১৪৬।

জীবন যেখানে যেমন বই রিভিউঃ

How short is our life! Just as a wax is consumed by burning in a fiery furnace, so one day at a time is passing away from our lives, our life is coming to an end. Do you ever think why we come to this world?
Islam is a shining star. This star has the ability to illuminate the black darkness of the whale. By neglecting our own stars, we are immersed in a dark world, preoccupied with making this world beautiful. I forget about the worship of immortal beings. How many of us can come back before the end of the day? How many words of Allah and His Messenger can we use in our lives?
This book tells the story of 14 such returning birds and people engaged in worship. The stories are told in 14 different contexts.

“Days of Tears”, “Arranging the Sky” and “News of Success” – these three stories were the most beautiful.
The story of ‘On the Day of Tears’ begins with a new childless parent. But at the end of the story, the message that the author has given to his readers is unimaginable.

The story of ‘Arranging the Sky’ was about a poor man who was a hat dealer by profession. He has a small income, what an indomitable desire to spend in the way of God! No matter how much he worries about how beautiful the afterlife will be! The end of the story that the author has drawn through Allah’s provision in this story will make people who are busy with any day-world think.
The latest story in this book was ‘Success News’. Is it at all beneficial for us to think of what we think is success in the physical world? Is that our real happiness?
The author has written his latest story on this subject.

Behind this corporate world we do nothing for the holidays, the little luxuries and comforts of this world! I never thought of being inferior. If we think about every message given at the end of the story of this book, once we open the buttons of conscience and realize the words of Allah with our heart, then I think that no one can stop the servant from responding to the call of his Lord.
The author has to be overwhelmed by the vocabulary. The skillful narration style of the story in this book will fascinate anyone. The author’s attempt to enter into Bengali literature through Islamic stories and make it a part of ‘Bangla literature’ instead of ‘Islamic literature’ was soon to be accepted.

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