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kangalsongho pdf download & Review:

Five destitute people have held a meeting in the broken house of the slum.

The middle man of that meeting is a jailed accused. He got out of jail after learning all the tricks of crime. The other four have no idea about his true identity. The name is not known. However, everyone has unanimously accepted him as a leader. Everyone calls him Guruji.

The rest are-

★ 2nd person is an old beggar, sasticharan pramanik. Once a driver for a district truck, he got into a begging job because of cataracts. Despite having the opportunity to fix two eyes, he fixed one eye so that his begging profession would not be a problem. The reason-

“One eye satisfies his appetite, the other satisfies his stomach …..
….. Life is prosperous with a foggy eye.
He has a house, he has an address, he has his own people at the address. There is income, there is comfort, he is not poor or destitute. ”

However, he is not inconsistent in this meeting! His life has changed so much today that he was forced to come here!

একমাত্র The only female member of the 3rd public meeting is Bakul, a young prostitute. Bakul is the only surviving member of the family who was expelled from the society due to eating forbidden food in extreme crisis. Poverty had long since separated his family. So he had nothing to say to himself. He came to the city and found out that it is a product like selling one’s own body. It is also possible to make a living.

★ 4th person Jalil, a drug addict and cheater. The mad mother used to wander the streets.
In the language of the author-

“This city is full of his fathers, they call him a bastard. No one gave him shelter without a way. He was born on the street, the road raised him. Now snatching is his job. He often fails.
He went to such a failed operation and caught Mona.

না Mona- The central character of the novel. Coming to the first city of his life, he was the victim of Jalil’s failed operation. Jalil did not know how poor he was!

“Who is poorer than the one who has no mother, no land!”
“For two men they were landless, parasitic. But he did not come to the city in the hope of land. He had something more valuable than that. Mana set out in search of him.”

Guruji, Jalil could not deviate from the norm on anyone’s advice. But in a few days, the cruel reality has made him forget his policy.

So he joined Guruji’s meeting today. Today, forgetting policy and ethics, everyone is free from doubt.

“If you only have to do one wrong thing to get rid of that life, you can’t do it!”

That is why today each of them is planning a horrible crime like kidnapping with Guruji!

They will kidnap Togar, the only son of the wealthy Nizam Chowdhury.
There are a lot of questions in the minds of others in the meeting ….

Is it just kidnapping for money Guruji has no other purpose!
Who is this Nizam Chowdhury? What is his enmity with Guruji? What is the real identity of Guruji! No one knows the name!

Can you really kidnap Togger, who is kept like a treasure of yaksha? Will their plan succeed?

Can these poor people on the streets really be rich in this way! Will Mona find her lost man?
What will be the compensation of the old Sasticharan?
Will Bakul’s silent crying end every night?
Mana knows who Rose cries for every day! Knows who was in his abandoned dog cage!

Bakul and Mona’s dream will be fulfilled? Will the search end?

Do they know that there are more ‘poor’ people in this city who want to share the leftovers lying next to their dustbins …………

“They keep digging for dirt in search of money. The smell of rotting people spread throughout the city that day.”

Usually I don’t express my feelings in books. But not to mention the book. In a word, a wonderful, easy-to-read book. This ‘Kangalsangha’ is one of the few new books that Hategona has liked very much. In a simple analytical statement, the author has skillfully portrayed the environment, situation and character here. Can be read non-stop.

Personal rating: 5/5

Author Profile:
Flap writing about author identity-

It is not possible to find the identity of the author by turning the last page of the book. Whether the writer is young or old, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, these are irrelevant.
The author’s identity can be found in the pages between the first and last pages. The author considers the writings in black letters as his own child, he is known as the father of the child.

Clean flap. There are no heavy heavy adjectives about the book or the author. Dedication, introduction is nothing. No extra leaves added. Straightforward is the beginning of the story. I also like this very simple presentation style ……

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