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The Ride of a Lifetime De Bob Iger Pdf Review

The Ride of a Lifetime De Bob Iger Pdf Download and review:

Book: The Ride of a Lifetime
Author:  De Bob Iger
My Rating: 9/10
Length: 242 pages
Reading Time: 4 hours
Published: 2019
Fascinating Storytelling
Robert Iger started as menial labor in ABC News in 1972 and made his way up to become CEO of Walt Disney Company in 2005. During his 15 year reign, Walt Disney grew 5 times, acquired some of the most creative companies in the world: Pixar (CEO Steve Jobs), Marvel, Lucas Films (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Mad Max), and Later, 21st Century Fox. He tells the fascinating stories of his acquisition, acquisition philosophy, his working style, relationship building, and his leadership style.
His friendship with Steve Jobs started when Disney bought Pixar and made it through Steve’s battle with cancer, which touched my heart. It is not a typical leadership book, rather a book of fascinating stories about people, companies, and how Disney became the giant what it is today through its

new philosophies, new vision, and the new culture of creative freedom.

An overall easy, refreshing, and memorable read!

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