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The Honjin Murders Pdf Review

Title: The Honjin Murders
Series: Pushkin Vertigo
Author: Seishi Yokomizo; Louise Heal Kawai (trans.)
Imprint: Pushkin Vertigo
Language: English
Audience: General
Format: PDf, ePUB
Number Of Pages: 192
Published: 5th December 2019
Publisher: Pushkin Press

the honjin murders pdf download & Book Review:

This is a lockroom murder mystery story. Mystery stories of lockroom murder mystery or locked room murder are such that the murderer who kills in a locked room will show his expertise in murder and escape. The detective’s job is to find out who the killer was and how he committed the murder and how he got in and escaped. Although one of the most famous detective series, the story of this Lockroom Murder Mystery has already been read by the reader, we have more or less found Locked Room Murder Mystery in many big detective stories including Feluda Erkul Poera, Sherlock.
Story Summary ::
In 1936, Kenzo, the eldest son of the aristocratic Ichiangi family, was married in Okamura, Japan, before World War II. The girl is the child of another aristocratic family. Arranging the wedding in a small domestic environment. Everything was going well until a stranger with three fingers arrived in the village. That newcomer wanted the Ichiangi family’s address. Then came the wedding day, all the formalities were completed, the husband and wife were killed in their closed room on the wedding night. And the killer left his fingerprints on the screens. Before leaving with that, everyone can hear Koto’s captivating melody. Koto is a Japanese musical instrument that takes three fingers to play, the middle finger of the old woman.
Lesson Response ::
Locked Room Murder Mystery I’ve read a few before, I didn’t have as much novelty as he did but the book was quite enjoyable. I hooked up to the book to find out what the motive for the first murder was. So the book is good from the beginning. Secondly, I like the Japanese background of that time more than the murder or mystery in this story. The Japanese houses, their room annexes, katna, their kimono, and their food etc. are floating in front of our eyes. I have enjoyed these things more in this book. And the biggest thing is that the thing that had the most impact throughout the book was Koto. Repeatedly it felt like I was hearing Koto’s captivating melody inside the book. Koto’s tune after the murder. The funny thing is that while reading the book, I have heard some cover music of Koto from YouTube. Not to mention Detective Kosuke Kindaichi. His intelligence is truly admirable. He has turned the whole story around. Over All is quite an enjoyable and good book.
The biggest problem with Japanese stories is the relationship between the characters and the characters, the translators have had the advantage of separating the characters in the first place, and have been able to put unnecessary names into the characters.


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