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Barron’s GRE High Frequency 333 Words Vocabulary Bangla Meaning (Part-14,15)

Barron’s GRE High-Frequency 333 Words Vocabulary list with Bangla Meaning.
Prepared by: সৌরভ ঘোষ
Mission 30 days
যাদের কাছে মনে হচ্ছে কম গুরুত্বপূর্ণ তারা দয়া করে স্কিপ করবেন।


Barron’s GRE High Frequency 333 Words Vocabulary Bangla Meaning Day : 15

141. Foment (Verb) প্ররোচিত করা, উস্কে দেওয়া (Provoke,motivate)
E.X:Despite popular beliefs, the police are here to keep people calm, not to foment violence.
142. Forestall(Verb)কিছু আগে করা(prevent by taking in advance)
E.X:We must act now to forestall disaster.
143. Frugality(Noun) মিতব্যয়িতা, সংযত (control, saving, economy)
E.X:We must practise the strictest frugality and economy.
144. Futile(Adj) ব্যর্থ ,অকার্যকর (vain, invalid)
E.X:The attempt to change his mind proved futile.
145. Gainsay(Verb) প্রতিবাদ করা, অস্বীকার করা (deny,protest)
E.X:It is impossible to gainsay the importance of a good education in today’s competitive job market.
146. Garrulous(Adj) বাচাল ,অতিভাষী (Loquacious, Talkative ,Wordy)
E.X:He is a very shrewd and garrulous fellow.
147. Goad(Noun,Verb) উৎসাহ দেওয়া, প্রেরণা দেওয়া ,উত্তেজিত(motivation ,inspiration, enforce)
E.X:He was simply doing this to goad her.
148. Gouge(Noun,Verb) প্রতারণা ,উপড়ে ফেলা (Overcharge,Hype,Uproot)
E.X: I wanted to gouge her eyes out.
149.Grandiloquent(Adj)জাঁকজমকপূর্ণ ,
বাগাড়ম্বরপূর্ণ( Pompous ,Bombastic, Verbose)
E.X:The city girl’s grandiloquent talk was confusing to the people in the country town.
150. Gregarious(Adj) দলপ্রিয় ,সঙ্গলিপ্সু(Sociable)
E.X:She is such a gregarious and outgoing person.

Barron’s GRE High Frequency 333 Words Vocabulary Bangla Meaning Day : 14

131. Extrapolate(এক্সটাপোলেট) Verb (দূরদর্শন করা, আগেই জানা ,পূর্বেই দেখা) Foresee,Anticipate
E.X:Many elderly citizens extrapolate that all adolescents are rude and entiltled, which is simply not true.
132. Facetious(ফাসিচাস)Adj (সদানন্দ ,রসিক ,হাস্য রসময়)Appreciative ,Pappy,Joky
E.X:Although my offer may have sounded facetious, I really want to help you with your problem!
133. Facilitate(ফ্যাসিলেটেট) verb (সহজ করা) simplify
E.X:Modern devices facilitate domestic work.
134. Fallacious(ফেলেশিয়াস) Adj(প্রতারণাপূর্ণ)Misleading,Insidious
E.X:I think this is an entirely fallacious argument.
135. Fatuous(ফাচুয়াস)Adj (বোকা)Bovine,Foolish,Stupid
E.X:The football player’s fatuous move caused his team to lose the game.
136. Fawning(Adj) তোষামোদি, ধামাধরা ( flattering, cringing)
E.X:Because Larry really wants a promotion, he spends a great deal of time fawning over his boss.
137. Felicitous(Adj) মনোরম , সুখপূর্ণ,যথাযথ
(Appropriate ,happy ,pleasant)
E.X:The felicitous music made me happy.
138. Fervor(Noun) আবেগের তীব্রতা (Glowing ardor)
E.X:After the school shooting, the nation was consumed with anti-gun fervor.

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139. Fledgling(Noun) অনভিজ্ঞ লোক (inexperienced)
E.X:The fledgling country just declared its independence a few months ago.
140. Flout(Noun,Verb) অমান্য করা, অবজ্ঞা করা, বিদ্রুপ করা (Gird,Despise,Ignore)
E.X:Many motorcyclists flout the law by not wearing helmets.

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