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সসেমিরা – নাবিল মুহতাসিম

Title সসেমিরা
ISBN 9789848799789
Edition 1st Published, 2021
Number of Pages 160
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

htsosemira-nabil-muhtasim-pdf Book Review:

The forest that you see around the hill is called Dakatiya forest. Although it is called a forest, it is actually a forest, a deep forest. It takes at least 6 hours to go to the middle of Dakatiya forest by trekking. There are no trees in this forest. In some places the sunlight does not reach properly. A man is walking through it. Wear polyester pants, loose shirt. There is a kind of saloon on the sidewalk, with a mirror hanging on the wall, and a reclining chair in front of it. Hair cut with twenty rupees from that salon, very common to look at. Even if you are standing next to them, you will not look away. People call him lizard Kamal, feu, police pirate. What is the work of such a man in the deep forest?
Kirtimari town is next to Dakatiya forest. On one side are the red hills bordering the Dakatiya forest, on the other the Himalayas. Big beautiful city. Two parts of the city, the old city and the new city. Administrative building, police station, court kachari in the old town. And the new city has everything from restaurants, bars, dance bars, modeling studios to entertainment. What else can be called Little Vegas. The beautiful city suddenly became lively. Because? Notorious terrorist Raghu Roy will give a dyeing confession to the police. He is currently admitted to Kirtimari Medical Hospital with a stab wound to the chest.
The notorious accused Raghu Roy did nothing but commit bank robbery, murder, kidnapping and embezzlement. Suddenly Kirtimari came to the hospital and was admitted with a stab wound to the chest. After coming to the gate of the hospital in an auto rickshaw, Tiktiki Kamal recognized him and admitted him. He also called the police through the duty doctor.
Inspector Rais Ahmed is a celebrity inspector of Kirtimari police station. Mithapukur’s twin murders were investigated and everyone was shocked. He had to be rushed to the hospital with a magistrate on a stormy night. The dyeing confession has to be taken in the presence of a magistrate Rais did not have time to go home after working all day. In the meantime he has to be rushed to the hospital. And he has been running after this Raghu for fifteen years! Death walker Raghu wants to give the last statement in front of him!
Meanwhile, Nisha, the only wife of the most influential ‘Basuniya family’ in the area, is missing. If the media knows the end of the scandal! We have to investigate without informing the media. The heaviest man in the whole police station is really leading the Basuniya family. Of course, it does not leave anger.
Meanwhile, in the last statement, Raghu has confessed to a terrible crime. Healyvera also gave a clue. A hand-drawn map, and parts of a famous rhyme. Inspector Rais, however, realizes that this is a way to humiliate Rais. He did not look at the paper more than once. But the lizard Kamal is reluctant to give up hope, the paper has to be handled anyway. As a khaslok of Rais, he shares everything with Kamal, but he doesn’t even give the paper to Kamal as it seems unimportant.
However, let’s see what Kamal is doing in the Dakatiya forest near the Red Hills
Sasemira! Sasemira! Sasemira!
This means a state of bewilderment. This is the only word that goes through Kamal’s head when he doesn’t get any kulkinara in front.
Nabil Muhtasim’s book Sasemira is familiar with his writing. Earlier, after reading half of the book, the bet was lost and it was not finished. But from what I read, I understood that Nabil was the guru of the bet, Sasemira’s Nabil was his guru.
Thus, the story is very beautiful, with the addition of the author’s magical description of the description. The hill country has created a fictional city in the form of a well-known city. He can be said to be 100% successful in this regard. Describing the city, the mountains and the forest so beautifully, there is no chance to miss a single line. Moreover, he has used all sorts of metaphors to explain the situation so that the reader gets a complete idea of ​​the situation.
In short, I am satisfied. I started at ten at night and finished at three. I’m basically a fast reader, it shouldn’t take that long But, that’s what I said; The city of Kirtimari has been decorated in such a beautiful way that I have imagined it with my eyes closed from time to time. Besides, I was fortunate enough to see that city as well. Understand, nostalgia.
Another thing I like very much is the character development. Each character is very nicely arranged. He was given exactly as much importance as he needed to be given. Many complained that the backstory of Kamal’s character was not shown properly. I have no complaints, however, as there will be more work on this character in the future, there is plenty of room for backstory. Moreover, the regional language has adapted very well to the characters. If the characters of a border town speak standard Bengali, it sounds awkward. The author also paid full attention to this. So it can be said that I have read the best book among the books published in 2021.
The quality of the books of the leisure publishing company is always good So is this book. The cover looks very simple but adapts very nicely to the story.
You can go to Kirtimari, a city bordering the Himalayas, to have a wonderful time. I promise, time will not pass badly.

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