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বিষাদের ধারাপাত সালমান হাবীব

বই: বিষাদের ধারাপাত
ধরন: অণুকাব্যগ্রন্থ
কবি: সালমান হাবীব
প্রচ্ছদ: আবুল ফাতাহ
প্রকাশক: পুনশ্চ
প্রকাশকাল: বইমেলা ২০২১
মূল্য: ২০০ টাকা।

বিষাদের ধারাপাত সালমান হাবীব বই রিভিউ :

“You better add to his life
Whose place is big in your mind,
I understand, touching the mind is a very difficult task
Even after the sky of love. ”
The anthology is taken from the anthology “The stream of sadness” written by Salman Habib.
We all read ‘Dharapat’ in our childhood. The basic principles of namata or mathematics were taught there. The meanings of the micro-poems in the book are detailed and serious enough. The basic principles of the overall feeling of human life seem to be in the layers of the microcosm. On the other hand, another meaning of ‘Dharapat’ is incessant rain. After reading the book, I felt as if it was a non-stop rain of sadness. You will find separation, anticipation, pride, love in the book. As such, I would say that it is selfish and reasonable to call it “the stream of sorrow.”
Those who are familiar with Salman Habib’s poetry must know that he is called a man who tells stories in poetry. And the depth of storytelling in this microcosm seems to be a little too much.
“People are no better than a good home
People are no better than love. ”
Two lines so simple, smooth. But think about how huge its depth is. Really, is everyone happier than a good home and love? The 64-page book “The Continuation of Sadness” is arranged with 226 micro-poems of such depth and vastness.
When I don’t have the book in hand to read, I just read the first page. I used to read 2/3 verses every day. Because if I read the micro-poems a little, hundreds of thoughts would appear in the world of my imagination. The deep meaning of each poem moved my mind. It would be over as soon as I read it, that’s why I used to save a little bit every day. When it is over, the joy of understanding will end. But in the end I realized that reading this book over and over again is not the end. Each time, I found new life in the microcosm. Every line seemed to be written about me.
“Writing a mistake is like writing a mistake
Some people forget us unknowingly.
The ability to burn is only fire,
But some people burn with tears. ”
How many people are burnt in tears every day. Reading the book, it seems that the words are united in absolute compassion and speak to the heart. We leave the one who forgets us in the corner of our mind. The poet says,
“I forgot that
When I think of him, I feel sad,
I have forgotten that;
Remembering that is one of my old ailments. ”
Besides love, religious thoughts and patriotism have all come up in the pen of the poet.
“Last night’s Jainamaz
Eraser to erase personal grief. ”
Or he wrote about terrible social problems like rape.
“Rape is arbitrary; rapist today is silent,
Where there is justice in a country where there is a spectator.
Each anthology is written in a very simple, straightforward, clear language. That is why the writings seem to be close to life and written by analyzing the subtle feelings of the heart. Meanwhile the skill of the poet is really admirable.
I can’t finish writing a review of this book. Whatever I am writing seems to be less. The anthologies seem a lot like the definition of a short story by Rabithakur. Small words, small melodies but what a wide range. It is as if ‘the end is not the end’.
This is the fifth book of poetry by the poet. The book contains a separate anthology with the names of all the books of poetry. In which I think the poet’s talent is fully expressed.
“‘Love is the name of a poem’
So he sees ‘the sky is not so far away’
In these ‘streams of sadness’
Tell your loved one by drawing a ‘punctuation mark’;
Listen to this, ‘You are the heavens of my sorrow.’

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