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bibiyana book pdf by Kinkor Ahsan – কিঙ্কর আহসানবিবিয়ানা কিঙ্কর আহসান pdf download


As soon as evening falls, Doel whistles with joy in his mind. After dusk, silence awoke this evening, the sky, the wind, the plants all seemed to be buzzing. And that loneliness was broken when Doyle whistled from my porch – my insides trembled – just as Kinker’s brother Bibiana finished the book and my insides swelled.

Looking at the cover, the back flap of the book ‘Bibiana’ is turned upside down, the author of the book with such a beautiful cover – this interest in wanting to know about her is not my fault. But to his surprise, the author Kinkar Ahsan was annoyed at the very beginning of reading the book, that he hid his identity in a very strict manner. Since I have known Kinkar Ahsan for a long time, I will be biased or biased when writing reviews – those who are skeptical about this, please stop reading this review here, please. Authorities will not be held responsible if anyone raises this issue after reading the entire review.

When I started to think about whether or not this authority would be held accountable while writing the review – the fall didn’t last long because the confusion in which Jalal, Kala Mia, Fazilat, Savera left me – was a very easy task to get out of. No.

What I was saying – when ‘Bibiana’ started without knowing Kinkar Ahsan –

“As long as I’m alive, I’m dead.
The body submerged in fire, in the heart of ‘Bibiana’.

‘Bibiana’ is the story of a burnt life. Not the whole life, but a piece of life. It started suddenly, then it was fooled again. The reins of life are now in someone else’s hands. The author can control this life! ”

Usually what happens to me in the case of other novels – if it is a good novel, after reading a couple of pages, one gets intoxicated, drowns slowly, does not want to leave the book. But to be honest, I dive here as soon as I read the introduction. Why and how I give, the answer will not be known without reading Bibiana!

The novel ‘Bibiana’ is really the story of a burnt life. It is a story of losing one’s existence by scattering to get the account of not getting it.

Although velvet mufflers are very few, this muffler was Kala Mia’s big hobby. When Kala Mia played the biggest role in establishing herself by educating her younger brother in her hard-earned money – she had this little desire for her younger brother. Kala Mia’s hobby of this muffler – does it come to fruition on the eve of the whole novel?

Kala Mia’s wife Fazilat can’t see Kala Mia’s younger brother for some reason. You can’t think. But what is the reason?

Jalal – Kala Mia; Two brothers – but people of two completely different characters. There is a difference between heaven and hell in the family situation. When this is the difference, the author Kinker succeeds in pulling two different plots of two brothers at the same time and in such a way as not to distract the reader.

Kala Mia’s helplessness, her son’s accident, the huge distance with her brother, all the unexpected events in the village will drag you so far – believe me, you won’t want to finish the book. Well, just what is the story of Kala Mia and Jalal?

No. Here every character from Fazilat, Rokhsana, Savera will keep you hooked. It is difficult to say that this ‘Bibiana’ woven with short sentences will bind you with any one hypnotic power.

That’s all I can say. Reading or not reading / Finding or not finding a good book, those who open the basket of criticism at the present time that the writers of the present day write rashly about life – breaking this barrier of criticism, this ‘Bibiana’ is sitting at a unique height, a wonderful story. With, the story of a burnt life!

What is the consequence of Kala Mia in this story? Jalal is good? Is there a conflict between Jalal’s wife and Kala Mia’s wife? Rokhsana? Rokhsana’s brother died?

Which character lives by impressing them?

Kinkar Ahsan Vaiya’s book ‘Bibiana’ published by Anbesha Prakashani is a must read. Excluding all, if I say one reason –

I said at the beginning of the writing that I was a little disappointed that the author did not identify her on the flap of the book.

I will end by saying one thing at the end of the review –

“Some people identify with deeds, not words.”

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