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At First Sight Book Pdf Free Download

Today i review at first sight book pdf free download google drive link.

This is a romance novel by Nicholas Sparks, written in 2005.And the sequel of “True Believer”.
I don’t like this book almost from the beginning. Both the protagonists, Jeremy and Lexie meet, they have sex and boom become pregnant and get engaged all within six weeks.
He doesn’t even know her middle name. He drops his entire career and moves from NYC to Boone Creek to live with Lexie because she refuses to live in NYC. Which isn’t a shock considering the rest of the book depicts Lexie as a self-centred person. She sneaks around behind his back then gets pissed when he calls her on it. She takes him on an extravagant shopping for baby stuffs and so on. Jeremy has to pay all the bill for her every single things.
Then mysteriously an email pops up which is kind of a threatened . After you get to know about the person who’s behind the email, you’ll be like “Is that a prank?”.
Anyway then Jeremy gets into a fight with his best friend Alvin and ends the friendship over one fight.

And the friendship is finished forever. Yet, Lexie has a fight with her best friend Rachel and they stay friend.Injustice

The ending of At First Sight was typical for a Nicholas Sparks novel.He just simply cannot allow his characters for a happy ending. To be honest, this book isn’t a very good work of Nicolas sparks. I used like this book but after reading sparks other works i realised that is a total crap.

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